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Daisy Cell Phone Armband

Regular price $ 18.00

This band has white daisies on a black background. Speedzter Cellphone Armbands are all one piece and slip on comfortably.  They have no velcro straps and there is no need to remove your case.  They are stretchy, yet snug for a fit that is so comfy, you'll forget you're wearing it!  Fits phones up to 7" in length including iPhone 6 plus and 7 plus

Small -- Slim Build

Medium --  Average Build

Large -- Heavy/ Very Muscular Build

  See sizing chart for more help with sizing.

  • Fits phones up to 7" in length, and there is no need to remove your case
  • There are no zippers or buttons, so earphones can run through
  • You can fold the flap over the top or leave the top of your phone exposed, either way your phone will stay securely