FAQ -- Speedzter Cell Phone Armband and Running Belt FAQs Page - speedzter


1. Will my phone get wet if I sweat during my run?

We recommend facing your phone's screen outwards.  With that said, if your phone does not have a case, or if you plan on having an intense workout, we recommend slipping your phone in a plastic baggie as an extra precaution.  


2.  How do I insert my phone into the armband?

See this link for a description on how to insert your phone into your armband


3.  What size should I order?

See this Link for a video. 


4.  Where are your armbands made?

These are made by me, Ashley.  When I get too busy, I hire people locally and pay them a livable wage   


5.  How do I wash my armband?

We recommend washing on gentle cycle and laying flat to dry.  


6. What kind of phones do Speedzter Bands fit?

Speedzter Bands are universal, meaning they fit all phones within certain specs.  These are 5.5" deep and stretchy, they fit phones up to 7" in length.  They fit larger phones and smaller phones, even the iPhone 6+ fits. Feel free to contact us via Facebook or at speedzterband@gmail.com if you want to verify that your phone will fit.  Watch the following video for an example:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHSG2smitfo 


7.  Can earphones run through the armband and belts?

 Yes!  There are no zippers or buttons on our armband or belts, just a folder flap so earphones can run through.  Here is a pic for reference:


8. There is a small hole on the inside of my armband near the middle of the inside seam.  Is this normal?

Yes, it's normal.  We have to have a small hole on the inside of the band to turn the armband right side out after sewing it.  We do not hand stitch the hole shut because we believe it makes it itchy.  Instead we double stitch each side of the hole to prevent it from ever tearing.  So, this hole is suppose to be there. :) And, it makes a great extra hole for a key!

9. I am not sure what size I should get, what should I do?

If you go to your shopping cart page, there is a box where you can fill in what your bicep measurement is.  This will give you a custom fit.