Unique Gifts for Runners & Women Who Love Fitness

If you have a person in your life that is working out or running you'll want to check out this gift guide.  Honestly, it seems almost EVERYONE is trying to get some kind of physical activity into their day, so you really can't go wrong with these gifts! 

1. My first pick is a cookbook!  Whether you are working out to lose weight, stay in shape or just for overall health it is only half the battle.  We have to fuel our bodies with nutritious food.  I love this cookbook because it is about simply eating REAL food.  The recipes do not include sugar or white flour and are made using real ingredients.  It's not based on a fad diet but on going back to the kind of food our grandparents ate -- non processed (wheat and gluten are allowed!).  All of the recipes I've tried are delicious, easy and budget friendly!  100 Days of Real Food: On A Budget

2. Ok guys, hang with me here, I'm going way back to the 90's with this one!  Running is my number one choice for physical activity, I just love it.  But, I'm a wimp when it comes to running in the cold.  On those days (or sometimes weeks in Colorado) I like to do a home workout and step aerobics is still one of my favorites!!  You can get this aerobic exercise step for $49.99 on Amazon.  It's a lot cheaper than a treadmill and I use mine often!

3.  I love things to by customized!  You can get a customized water bottle from this cute Etsy shop!  I've had nothing but good experiences buying on Etsy.  I may be a little biased since I'm an Etsy seller, but I just love helping out small businesses! 


4.  For all of you essential oil lovers out there, you will love the Fitness blend by Rocky Mountain Oils.  The scent is uplifting and energizing!  

5. Of course, we can't leave out Speedzter cell phone armbands!!  These armbands are so comfortable and work so well.  They don't slip and they hold your phone securely for hands free running, walking, jogging, etc.  An added bonus is they are stylish!  The design and colors are fun to add to any workout attire!  A little background, I'm the creator of these...so technically this (and the tattoos below) are the only sponsored/biased gifts on the list!  


6.  Motivational Tattoos!!  These are so cute and sure to surprise the workout enthusiast in your life!  Brand new to the Speedzter product line, these tattoos will inspire you and pick you up at just the right time! 

7.  This one mile at a time bracelet is a great gift idea for the runner in your life! It's so cute and again from at Etsy seller.  There's just something special about handmade gifts!